Our first floor studio was used as the location for Daniel Webber’s shoot with At Large Magazine.  The space features wide, bright spaces.  For bookings and more information, contact us here.

“Daniel Webber sports one of those faces that must be handy to an actor. From Lee Harvey Oswald to his latest role as Vince Neil in the film The Dirt, the Australian actor is convincing as the Gen-X, headbanging, coke snorting, hard rocking, hotel-destroying lead singer of Mötley Crüe. Based on the band’s autobiography, the film follows their rise to fame and what money can and can’t do for people. The Netflix film humanizes larger than life tabloid-cover-boy rock stars with humor and, even if you didn’t like hard rock music the first time it came around (or weren’t born yet), chances are you’ll dig The Dirt Soundtrack.”